With FC2 WiFi you can setup an Access Point and provide Wireless Internet Connection to those around you.
Anyone you want can connect to Free Internet simply by entering their email address to Signing Up.
Set up your own FC2 WiFi Access Point for free!Utilize FC2 WiFi for Introduction of WiFi spot to your store or establishment.

FC2 WiFi User Login Here.
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*All FC2 WiFi Access Points displayed on the Access Point Map are set by Owners, and as such FC2 cannot guarantee the accuracy the locations.

What is FC2 WiFi?

Connect to the Internet
for free wherever you are!

Anyone can connect to the internet from FC2 Access Points.

Registration is Simple!
Simply send your email address!

If you have an FC2ID there's no need to register. If you do not have an FC2ID, you can simply Sign Up (FREE).

Talk with people around you with the SNS

Each Access Point has its own SNS, from which you can communicate and send messages with each other.

Turn your store or establishment
into an Access Point!

Set up and WiFi access point for free! There are lots of features available for owners like sending messages to the WiFi users.

Why not become an Access Point Owner?

FC2 WiFi is currently recruiting for access point owners.
The Owners who setup an Access Point will have priority over General Users using the same internet connection.

We are looking for:

  • People who can freely allow others to join to the provided wireless LAN. (Note: When you are using the internet, your usage will be given preference, meaning your internet speed will not slow down.)

Please Note

  • Those who pass application as Access Point Owners will be lent a free, unrestricted router, certified by us.
  • Access Point Owners are allowed to quit the service and return the router at any time they wish.
  • FC2 will work hard to promote the stores of Access Point Owners who have set up FC2 WiFi in their shops as a Access Points.
  • Access Point Owners must agree to allow FC2 to generate and display a map with the location of your designated Access Point address for the convenience of use of This Service.
  • The router must be returned to FC2 if the service is ended by either party.
  • Please note that we decide upon Access Point Owners through a stringent process.
  • The wireless LAN router that will be sent to you, will be an external device.
  • You must be connected to the internet to use FC2 WiFi routers.

Application (FC2ID Login)

Forgot your password?

You are required to login to your FC2ID to apply. Sign Up (Free)